Posions and toxins 

I never knew that people would spray and poison innocent individuals until it happened to me. This is done to make you sick, scared and look insane as I found out doctors are also involved in Perth. I found the private sector wasn’t but it led to my loss of trust in the medical practice. Aren’t doctors supposed to save people not kill them? Is it ok these people are in the medical system? Would you want them to treat your family? 

I’ve been sprayed with various things, gased at home, drugged and poisoned. This time round it’s worse than before and it makes me feel very ill. It’s done with the intention to kill I do believe that. 

These people are mothers, fathers, sisters , brothers how would they feel on the other foot I’m someone’s daughter, sister and aunt. An innocent person who’s contributed and worked. The people being stalked are innocent and lives are being destroyed and families torn. There is enough pain and suffering without this, are humans going to destroy  one another! 

I believe that even if you aren’t being stalked you stand up for all our rights and the freedom we all deserve to live peacefully